Bitcoin and binary options trading

Binary options have become increasingly popular in the last 2 years. This type of trading is desirable among new traders because they don’t actually need to buy anything, just predict whether the asset will move up or down within a certain time frame. These trades take place in short time frames (30 seconds, 1 min, […]

Gold – a simpler and better explanation

The emotional intransigence that dominates most gold analyzes contributes to confusion and misunderstanding. For example, “The background for gold today is bullish as it has been for a long time”; or “The precious metals sector is the main signal to buy.” These and other similar claims are often backed up by loads of technical analysis […]

Benefits of Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX)

The cryptocurrency market flourished in 2017-2018; the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies reached $ 700 billion last year. With the huge market potential that cryptocurrencies offer, digital currency trading is booming, and several crypto-exchanges have been launched within a year and are still under construction. Crypto-exchanges are platforms on which traders can exchange cryptocurrencies for […]

Cryptocurrency: Fintech disruptor

Blockchains, sidechains, mining – terminology in the secret world of cryptocurrencies piles up in minutes. While it sounds unreasonable to introduce new financial conditions into the already intricate world of finance, cryptocurrencies offer a much-needed solution to one of the biggest disruptions in today’s money market – transaction security in the digital world. Cryptocurrency is […]

Predicting the price of gold is a stupid game

It is sometimes frustrating to see attention focused on gold price predictions. The more sensational and spectacular the price forecasts, the greater the cacophony. It is worth looking back at a few of these predictions to help put things in perspective. TITLE: $ 6,000 gold forecast and gold mining analysis through visualization January 23, 2012 […]

Important considerations when trading gold

There are many financial tools available to trade. But because gold often maintains value even in the most important economic circumstances, most traders resort to gold. In fact, this is considered a safe haven property. Today, online gold trading has become popular. It is not considered to be one of the cheapest and easiest ways […]

Practical tips on how to trade cryptocurrencies

For some time now, I have been closely monitoring the performance of cryptocurrencies to gain a sense of where the market is going. The routine my primary school teacher taught me – where you wake up, pray, brush your teeth and have breakfast, switched a bit to waking up, praying, and then to the web […]

Crypto signal services – choosing the best

Crypto trading can be profitable when a trader manages to keep the market continuously non-stop. However, this is something that can be challenging to do, but fortunately there are crypto signal services that can be used to provide much needed trading assistance. They offer signals so that traders can make the right decisions with their […]

Tips for choosing the best crypto signal service

If you pay attention to the market, crypto trading can be profitable for you. However, sometimes it will be difficult for you. Fortunately, if you need help, you can contact crypto signal services. The signals they offer can be used to make the right decision at the right time. You can choose from a lot […]